Pradyot Ranjan Jena


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Professional Experience: 

12 years

Contact Details


jpradyot [at]


+91- 824 - 2474000 - 3237 (Ext)
Academic Background

PhD in Economics from IIT Kanpur

Areas of Interest

Development Economics
Resource Economics
Agricultural Economics

Significant Projects

1. Title - A Study of Adaptation to Technological Innovation in Agriculture to Mitigate Climate Change Effects and its Impact on Rural farmers
Amount - Rs 8, 60,000
Principal Investigator - Dr. Pradyot Ranjan Jena
Funding Agency - Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)
Status - 2018 - ongoing

Title - Coffee Certification and Food Security with special reference to Gender sensitiveness in Araku valley, Andhra Pradesh
Amount - Rs 5, 80,000
Principal Investigator - Dr. Pradyot Ranjan Jena
Funding Agency - Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
Year - 2018 (ongoing)

Supervision of Ph.D

4 (Ongoing)

Significant Publications

Book Published - Pradyot Ranjan Jena (2018). Impact of Economic Growth and Trade Liberalization on Air Pollution. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Book Chapter -
1. Certifying Coffee Cooperatives in Ethiopia, India and Nicaragua: How Far Do Small-scale Coffee Producers Benefit? In Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture: A Winning Combination? CABI. 2017
2. Fair Trade, Environmental Labels, Bans and Ecosystem Services (with Ulrike Grote), Ecosystem Services and Global Trade of Natural Resources. Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group. 2011.
3. A Study of Changing Patterns of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency in Indian Manufacturing Sector (with Binayak Rath). (in) Productivity and Quality: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Ed), Upadhyaya et al., December, 2005.

1. M. Jaleta, M. Kassie, K. Tesfaye, T. Teklewold, PradyotRanjan Jena, M. Paswel and O. Erenstein (2016). Resource saving and productivity enhancing impacts of crop management innovation packages in Ethiopia. Agricultural Economics. doi: 10.1111/agec.12251. Publisher – Wiley, Indexed – SSCI, Impact Factor – 1.739
2. D. B. Rahut, A. Ali, N. B. Chhetri, B. Behera and PradyotRanjan Jena (2016). Access to Safe Drinking Water and Human Health: Empirical Evidence from Rural Bhutan. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. doi:10.2166/ws.2016.063. IWA Publishing, Indexed – SCI Expanded, Impact Factor – 0.532
3. PradyotRanjan Jena and Ulrike Grote (2016). Fairtrade Certification and Livelihood Impacts on Small-scale Coffee Producers in a Tribal Community of India. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. doi:10.1093/aepp/ppw006. Publisher – Oxford Journals, Indexed – SSCI, Impact Factor – 1.148
4. PradyotRanjan Jena, Till Stellmacher, Ulrike Grote (2015). The impact of coffee certification on income among smallholders in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Environment, Development and Sustainability. doi: 10.1007/s10668-015-9732-0. Publisher – Springer, Indexed – SCI Expanded, Impact Factor – 0.673
5. Dil Bahadur Rahut, PradyotRanjan Jena, Akhtar Ali, B. Behera and N.B. Chhetri (2015). Rural Nonfarm Employment, Income, andInequality: Evidence from Bhutan. Asian Development Review, Vol. 32, No.2, 1 -30. Publisher – Asian Development Bank, Indexed – SSCI.
6. PradyotRanjan Jena, R. Majhi and B. Majhi, (2015). Development and Performance Evaluation of a Novel Knowledge Guided Artificial Neural Network (KGANN) Model for Exchange Rate Prediction.Journal of King Saud University – Computer and Information Sciences, Elsevier, Vol. 27, No.4, 450-457. Publisher – Elsevier, Indexed – Scopus.
7. PradyotRanjanJena, C. Ngokkuen, D. B. Rahut, U. Grote, (2014). Geographical indication protection and rural livelihoods: insights from India and Thailand. Asian Pacific Economic Literature, Vol. 29, No.1, 174-185. Publisher – Wiley, Indexed – SSCI, Impact Factor – 0.294
8. T. Kindie, M. Jaleta, Pradyot Jena and M. Mutenje, (2014). Identifying Potential Recommendation Domains for Conservation Agriculture in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi. Environmental Management, 55(2), 330 – 46. Publisher – Springer, Indexed – SCI, Impact Factor – 1.857
9. PradyotRanjanJena, U. Grote, (2012). Impact evaluation of traditional Basmati rice cultivation in Uttarakhand State of Northern India: What implications does it hold for Geographical Indications? World Development, 40, 1895-1907. Publisher – Elsevier, Indexed – SSCI, Impact Factor – 2.438
10. PradyotRanjanJena, B.Beyene, T.Stellmacher and U. Grote, (2012). The Impact of Coffee Certification on Small-Scale Producers’ Livelihoods:A Case Study from the Jimma Zone, Ethiopia. Agricultural Economics, 43(4), 427-438 Publisher – Wiley, Indexed – SSCI, Impact Factor – 1.739
11. PradyotRanjanJena, U. Grote (2010). Changing Institutions to Protect Regional Heritage: A Case for Geographical Indications in the Indian Agrifood Sector. Development Policy Review, 28(2), 217-236. Publisher – Wiley, Indexed – SSCI, Impact Factor –0.831
12. PradyotRanjanJena, U. Grote (2008). Growth–trade–environment nexus in India. Economics Bulletin, 17(11), 1-11
13. S. Managi, PradyotRanjanJena, (2008). Environmental productivity and Kuznets curve in India. Ecological Economics, 65, 432-440. Publisher – Elsevier, Indexed – SCI, SSCI, Impact Factor – 3.227
14. S. Managi, PradyotRanjanJena, (2007). Productivity and Environment in India. Economics Bulletin, 17(1) 1-14.

1. PradyotRanjanJena, B. Rath, (2006). Growth Determinants of Orissa and their Implications for Future Development of the State. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 61(2), 200 - 17. Publisher – Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Indexed - scopus
15. PradyotRanjanJena, B. Rath and N. Sahu (2005). Impact of Trade Liberalization on Environmental Pollution: The Indian Experience (with Naresh Sahu and Binayak Rath). International Journal of Environment and Development, 2(2), 253-70.
16. PradyotRanjan Jena, B. Rath (2004). Trade-Environment Linkages: Review of Theory and Evidence. International Journal of Environment and Development, 1(2), 149-68.
17. PradyotRanjan Jena (2004). Integration of Financial Markets in India: An Empirical Analysis. Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 2004, 3, 63-77.
18. PradyotRanjan Jena (2003). Financial Market Integration in India: A Cointegration Approach. ArthaVijnana, Vol. XLV, Nos. 1-2, March-June, pp.42-53.

1. Pradyot R. Jena and R. Majhi, (2016). Classifying Behavioural Traits of Small-scale Farmers Use of a Novel Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Classifier. IEEE Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT). March 3 – 5, 2016. Chennai, India.
2. T. Kindie, M. Jaleta, Pradyot R. Jena, (2014). Potential Recommendation Domains for Conservation Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa. 6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. June 22-26, 2014. Manitoba, Canada.
3. Pradyot R. Jena, T. Stellmacher, U. Grote, (2012). The Impact of Coffee Certification on Small-Scale Producers' Livelihoods: A Case Study in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia. 28th Triennial Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE), Brazil, August 18 to 24, 2012.
4. PradyotRanjan Jena, (2011). A study of changing patterns of energy consumption and energy efficiency in the Indian manufacturing sector)MPRA Paper, University Library of Munich, Germany. 2011.
5. Pradyot R. Jena, U. Grote, (2010). Does Geographical Indication (GI) labeling increase producer welfare? A case study of Basmati rice in Northern India. International society for ecological economics (ISEE) conference 2010, Bremen-Oldenburg, Germany.
6. Pradyot R. Jena, U. Grote, (2009). Changing institutions to protect regional heritage: A case for geographical indications in the Indian agrifood sector. PEGNet Conference 2009: Policies for Reducing Inequality in the Developing World,Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, 3-4 September 2009.
7. Pradyot R. Jena (2009). Estimating environmental efficiency and Kuznets curve for India. International Association of Agricultural Economists Conference, Beijing, China, August 16-22, 2009.
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9. Pradyot R. Jenaand Binayak Rath, (2005). Changing Patterns of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency in Indian Manufacturing Sector. Presented at 11thInternational Conference on Productivity and Quality Research (ICPQR), IIT Delhi, December, 12 – 15, 2005.
10. Pradyot R. Jena, K.N. Murthy and V. Narasimhan, (2004). Integration of Financial Markets in India: An Empirical Analysis. Presented at Sixth Annual Money and Finance Conference, IGIDR, 25-27 March 2004.


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