Construction Economics and Accounting

Course Name: 

Construction Economics and Accounting (CM 701)






Humanities and Social Science Core (HSC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3


Economics – Industrial development; support matters of economics related to engineering-market demand supply- Quality control- quality production- audit- economic laws of production. Construction Economics- Development in Housing, Transportation and other Infrastructure. Environment, Ecology economics-Local Materials, forms and functional Designs- Construction workers-Urban problems-migration-Poverty, employment, pollution.Financing, Financial Management, Types of Finance-Long term borrowing, Leasing, equity financing, Internal generation of funds, Financial statements-Balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow, fund flow analysis, ratio analysis-Investment and financing decision, Financial control-job control- Centralized Management. Accounting-cash basis- accrual basis- Percentage completion method- Completed contract method- Accounting for Tax reporting and financial reporting purposes. Lending to contractors- loans –interim financing-Risk and Security.


1. Kawaku A, Tena and Jose M Guevera, Fundamental of Construction Management and Organisation
2. Warmeer Z Hirsch, Urban Economics
3. Halpin D.W. Financial and Cost Concept for Construction Management John W. Wiley & Sons


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