Business Process Design and Reengineering

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Business Process Design and Reengineering (MBA8G1)




Elective Courses

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(3-0-0) 3


Introduction to BPR - re-engineering and its relationship with functional areas of business, history of re-engineering, deterministic machines, complex dynamic system, interacting feedback loops and social constructs perspectives of BPR. - managing process flows business process and flows – through put rate, work-in-process, cycle time, little’s law - cycle time and capacity analysis – cycle time reduction, theory of constraints. - implementation process - redesign of business processes – systematic or clean sheet, main and supporting processes, key enablers of BPR, technology for BPR, critical success factors, cross functional teams, tools and techniques of BPR, virtual ingredient – ‘black hole’, using process simulation to minimize the risk – business process map and simulation model, parameter analysis, simulation and key performance indicators. - ERP and BPR, ERP in modeling business processes, workflow management systems in BPR, steps of BPR, five-stage model of as-is/to-be analysis, process centric organizations, business process maturity model, business process performance measurement.


Laguna, Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design, 2005, Pearson.
Chan Meng Khoong, Re-engineering in action, 1st Edition, 2009, Cambridge.
Charles Poirier, Business Process Management Applied, 2005, Cengage.
Varun Grover, M. Lynne Markus, Business Process Transformation, 2010, PHI.
Daniel Minoli, Business Process Re-engineering, 2010, Routledge


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